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Inside the Classic Football Shirts London Store

I’m a little ashamed to not know about this opening sooner, but now that I do – I’ll be in there a lot moving forward.

Most fans would probably know (or have heard of) the Classic Football Shirts empire, but in case you’re unaware, just know it’s exactly what it says on the tin.

They’re a hub to buy some of the best classic football shirts out there on the market.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re not cheap to buy – but that’s because they’re authentic.

Which is something which shouldn’t go amiss nowadays.

Whether you’re looking on eBay, some other retailer, or indeed the dodgier wholesalers, it’s clear that producers all over the world have somehow gotten their hands on the blueprint for making near-perfect replicas of classic football shirts.

I’m loath to say that I’ve even fallen into the trap of buying them.

They’re just so much cheaper and look the same, so sue me!

One thing I’d want to stress before moving on, is that if you’re thinking of wholesaling a bunch of shirts like the ones third-parties sell and pass them off as genuine shirts (commanding the genuine price of classic football shirts in today’s market), then here’s me respectfully telling you not to do that.

It’s copyright infringement of the highest degree and is punishable by some huge fines and even prison time if you’re caught and can’t pay.

Genuinely not worth the hassle, don’t get into it.

Your time’s best spent gawking at the Classic Football shirts range.

Or, as this article suggests – going to their store in London!

I understand that they’ve had a setup in Manchester for a while, but given my own base in the capital, I’ll focus on their store in Liverpool St, London. Which is one of the nicest football-related experiences I’ve had in recent memory.

Based equidistant to London’s Liverpool St and Aldgate East underground stations, the place is nigh-on impossible to miss.

That clean Classic Football Shirts logo and store-front will catch any fan’s eye.

And a whirlwind of options await you on the right-hand side

When I tell you that there’s a selection. There is a selection!

One which is sure to have every football purist salivating as their wallets creak open.

What I love most is that almost every shirt in there has a nameset on the back. In fact, I came *this close* to buying a Manchester United jersey with ‘Van Nistelrooy-10’ on the back. Before realising I did not indeed have the facilities for that …

… big man.

Even so, I just sifted through the rails ‘til my heart’s content.

(I nearly bought a Monaco shirt with Morientes’ name on the back for my recent trip to the Stade Louis II. And I pretty much regretted it from the moment I sat down, tbh!)

What’s better is that the salespeople in there, weren’t annoying either.

I just looked through, the memories flooded in and they were there if I had questions. Perfect for me. Oh, and on the left side when you walk in, is one of my most favourite things to have seen in any shop I’ve walked in to.

A couple of armchairs with some old consoles in there – and every football game you can imagine. From FIFA, to PES, to some random Nintendo creations. It was incredible.

They even have a Classic Football Shirts cafe. And the latte is damn good!

All in all, it was a great shopping experience.

The selection is expensive, there’s no getting away from that.

But if we were to purely judge the Classic Football Shirts London store as an experience for casual browsers, it’s a wonderful place to be.

Memories around every corner and nostalgia on every bend.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Have you visited the Classic Football Shirts store in London, Liverpool Street? If so, sum up your own review in the comment section below!

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