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3 Great Websites for Finding a Job In Football

Feel free to go ahead and bookmark these options as it’ll save you a lot of time.

As you’re probably aware, finding a job in football is probably one of the more difficult things someone can do – especially when starting out.

Whether you’re fresh out of university or decided to take a route that didn’t include higher education, it’s hard to understand where to look and when.

The whole point of Twelfth is to give free advice on subjects like these.

So, we really hope this helps you moving forward.

To be honest though, the first option is kind of cheating:

But since finding a job in football isn’t the easiest thing to do, we’re going to let it slide …

Football Clubs’ Careers Websites

See … I wasn’t lying, was I?

More specifically, you’re going to want to set up job alerts.

Most club recruitment portals operate on an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) whereby you can create an account and specify the areas you’re most interested in.

Examples include Tottenham Hotspur & Aston Villa.

By doing this, you can then choose to get emails whenever a specific job is posted on their website which is within an area you specify as of interest to you.

This also saves you traipsing over their websites all of the time.

Plus, I’d suggest keeping up to date with their social media profiles – which become a little more recruitment-focused the lower down the leagues you go.

If you’re starting off in non-league, then this should be a go-to for you too!

Making finding a job in football a lot less strenuous, tbh!


I f***ing love Linkedin.

So much that I’m going to plug my profile.

Here’s the link to it. Go on. Click it. Follow me. Now.

Football clubs seem to love it too, as do major media outlets.

Remember, finding a job in football isn’t just available in the specific clubs. But major media institutions, league organisations and third parties are good starting points too.

Heck, I see OneFootball, DAZN and The FA posting there all the time.

Apparently, Linkedin have these little bots which go through different careers websites and automatically pull it onto their platform without even asking. Slightly annoying for recruiters like me who are anal about the format of the adverts, but great for everybody else.

Again, makes that whole finding a job in football thing that little bit easier.

I don’t usually recommend allowing Linkedin to send you job alerts either as, in my experience, they usually miss the mark. I would instead just search for the right keywords in the job search whenever you’re in the mood to look. Which, naturally, is best to do at the end of the working back (by searching for the previous 7 days)

And that’s something we can definitely get behind here at Twelfth.

Jobs In Football Official Website

The perfect place, with an equally perfect name. is an amazing tool for finding a job in football …

… as the name would obviously suggest.

Again, they work in a similar bot system to Linkedin where it will automatically pull from different job boards. Also, they’re pretty much global and at any level.

You can set up an account with them to get email alerts too.

It pulls together the functionality of Linkedin with the information readily available on the biggest football careers websites in the land from different clubs.

When you apply, it usually takes you where you need to be too!

I really like this site tbh – probably my favourite of the three options.

We hope this helps you in finding a job in football regardless of what stage you’re at in your career! Let us know how you get on with this in the comments.

All the best, Dev

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